Saturday, September 27, 2008


Honestly, if I ever do meet this woman it would take me a whole lot of self control not to ram her head against the wall. Sadism to this extent is goddamn disgusting. This woman is goddamn disgusting. People who enjoy animal abuse are goddamn disgusting. I mean, like really, i despise people who take advantage of, bully , rob, beat up..etc others who are weaker than them, be it immoral conmans who prey on old ladies, gangs who jump a single guy ( pathetic really, fights should always be one on one ), OR ANIMAL ABUSERS LIKE THIS SADISTIC WOMAN. Seriously, mankind can be as benevolent and as a rotten as can be. Jadey told me that Ms Gan told her that there are man who ENJOY watching sexy ladies STOMP on animals with high heels. I WILL NOT HESITATE TO STOMP ON YOUR BALLS WITH HIGH HEELS IF YOU ENJOY WATCHING SUCH "PORN ". Not sexy, not sexy at all. These people. Need. Waking .Up. AND SHE IS SMILING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still have that urge to batter her.

On a less agitated and disgusted sidenote, dance was a 5o/5o. Sigh, that lousy feeling.

Timothy said the wisest words today
" Stop harping about other people's improvement. Rather, work on yourself to achieve something ."

He din't say it out loud , and wasnt making a statement to tons of people. I believe the party whom it was directed at, didn't take much note of it.


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