Sunday, August 17, 2008

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AHHHH FINALLY BACK FROM A SUPER LONG DAY OUT!started out with prayers in the morning which involved running to two temples, and eating quite a bit and getting caught in the rain quite a lot.went down to oschool earlier , like MUCH earlier, saw the tpde groups practising for the suntec competition, i kinda looked forward to the day when my standard would be anywhere near theirs and i could be working hard to snag titles (:

recital audition!

signed up for hip hop and reggae and lyrical jazz actually, which i din go in the end. THANK GOD. i would have made an even greater fool of myself if i went for jazz. i'm just not technical enough. i love doing chanays ( is that how it's spelt?! ), i pretty much suck at pirouettes since deng lao shi din train us, buuuuuttttttttt


a damn perfect doubles! poise of position and everything felt soooo righhtttt, sans the face though, since i was like O.o!!! haha but anyway, i cant even do a singles now, which is crappy. hmmmm, i think it's the shock that screwed with my balance.i'm quite sure i screwed up hip hop, which was kinda expected since i'm still noob. BUT REGGGGAEEEE!!! whyy????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my most most beloved reggae. i just had to cock up the steps. the one thing i had most confidence for... ): actually when i saw it was xuehui teaching i kinda expected to die quite badly, after yesterday's reggae lesson... i concluded that xuehui's style is WHOAAAAAAAA and damn hard to catch cos it's just damn fast all the way.then it was down to helping zsa with her shoot.

AWWW JADEY, it felt so good talking to you for so long. like old times after schoool!

nina's photo's whether her solo shots or her shots with me were just so gorgeousssssss!!!!!!!!!!i had tons of fun helping zsa! buttttttt, all my photos were bleeeeugggghhh. it was the problem with my face. i looked... deprived. which was right. erm but it wasn the gorgeous pretty photography kind of deprived. it was tottering on the wrong side of aesthetics kind of deprived. i am a horrible model lah! sometimes i wish i was more photogenic, it's such a once in a bluue very veery bluee moon thing that i have a good picture. but still, the whole thing was great! i hope zsa can win something!

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