Saturday, August 23, 2008


but still, i await my impending doom with pipc and obc.

it's times like this that i realllly reaaaly wished i had studied earlier, had listen to my beloved tiong tiong more, did more tutorials and stopped stoning so much during lecture. BAH.IT ALWAYS HAPPENS.

hap was okay i guess. at least i thought it was okay. until i realised that i finished so early that i could have missed out writing alot. BUT I REALLY WROTE ALL I KNEW AND TRIED TO BE CONCISE!! siggggh, of all the times i was long winded in sec school and wasted time, now i just had to try and be concise and probably kill my grades )':

still, i think all the times i was sick would have brutally murdered my grades because of all the labs i missed. and i dint know i had to go retake the lab tests!! pleeeeease gpa 3.5 and above, it might be too much to ask for , but i really want to get the leadership thing. i desperately need a chance at scoring a scholarship in future.

here are all the pictures i took with zsa in our couple tees!

i'm the short boyfriend and she's the tall girlfriend! haha. zsa is hot like hot on fireeee!


pictures from the 13th floor of raffles' hospital's toilet. puuuurdy :D i still think a sea view house with a backyard forest is the best, ever.

the thing with the towel is actually some heating pad which isnt hot but smells very nicely of cornflakes. errrm ya, i kept smelling it ._. don judge me! i was hungry!
then there's that white colour machine that gives my leg current. i think my pain nerves are spoilt or something along that line, cos they really set it to pretty high for me but all i get is a reallly really tickly feeling.

my mummy's looking out of the window and i got some snapshots of the view, it's even nicer than the toilet view!!!

and those are pictures from the individual physio rooms.

i think i'll be stopping physio soon. i hope very dearly that i wont ever have to go back again. i'll miss my physiotherapist though.

it's back to doing pipc!
GAH. HAVE FUNS TUDY eeeeyer gooooooo.

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