Thursday, July 10, 2008


i just got back from the worst consultation to the doctor, ever.
the moment he started talking to me i was like.... shiiiiiiit.
he was hasty, impatient, imcompassionate and unprofessional.

doctors doing consultations like him have the easiest life!
all he did was ask me to bend me leg stretch it, stand up touch the ground.
ask me what kinda dance i do... like that would help.
tell me that it's my fault i din go to the doctor's my fault but he's not helping either. and it's obvious i din go because it wasn't that serious right.
in the end, all he did was tell me " it must be the way you dance "

he doesn't bother about what i have to say,
ignoring significant statements like
" it only started hurting really bad yesterday . ", " it hurts even when i'm sitting down ", " there's a kinda pressure in both knees that's in the middle. " (i said that cos he kept asking me 'is the pain here' and asking me to bend and stretch my legs. and i repeated that last line so many times.)

if i ever go to that raffles medical outlet again ( which i most probably wont because even the staff there has some hardup issues with LISTENING TO ENQUIRIES AND GIVING ANSWERS ) , and i get that same doctor. i will get my butt out of that room and ask for another doctor.

he subscribed pain killers, referred me to a physio and x-ray ( only because i wanted it, before that he said, it should just be the muscles. if it's only something mild i wouldn have come to see you, you nitwit of a doctor. )


would it kill you just to show that wee bit of it.
and to just throw on a dash of courtesy,
and garnish it with minimal professionalism?

i was on the verge of cynic laughter because i saw this poster at the counter..
and it showed the core values of a raffles medical doctor.
guffaw guffaw.
he must have been in the wrong clinic.
why couldn i at least get one of those happy smiley doctors in the poster? ):

i could sit there, refer some random patient to the physio, x-ray, give painkillers and shower her with so much more compassion and i would not even need any expertise.


damn you wicky wong.
damn you.

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