Wednesday, July 09, 2008


woke up, my back my knees hurt like hell and i fell back into bed.
how long more do i have to go through this...
can't even walk properly without feeling the stupid pressure on my knees.

the massage seesion with brian's mum was something really new,
and it was great (:
fell asleep at his house last night, woke up then fell asleep again.
stayed awake up till 4 plus.
trying to study pipc and just feeling lost.
everything's here there and everywhere that i dunno where to place my focus on.

thank's brian (:
for calling last night to check up on me.
i still owe you one! for the cab and the kinder egg
and the concern.
you're one awesome kindergarten friend!

i kept waking up, knowing that there was school.
but i just couldn get out of my stupid bed.
just gave up in the end.
the thought of sitting through lessons and lectures feeling lost
and frustrated, just wasn't my cup of tea.
was supposed to go for x-ray and a checkup but the clinic was closed so i gotta get my butt there early tmr.

just checked the tpde blog.


i just feel like crying.

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