Wednesday, July 30, 2008

we connect like fibrinogen bridges
to heal wounded hearts.
when an injury is detected,
chemicals of care and love
are released.
you're the K and i'm Ca
no you, no me, no healing.
vessls constrict,
slowing down verbal vomit
that could very possibly,
make you bleed to death.
with a broken heart.

HAHA. tooooo much haaaaaaaaaaap ):
don wanna study.
i just feel like sleeeeeping.

fun fact!
goldfishes have only 15s of memory span.
imagine that!
15 secs.
you fall in love with the same goldfish every 15 secs.
thinking you've found the love of your life.
when actually, everything's all over again.
means, you fall in love 900 times in an hour.
to the same goldfish!

bloody hell.
that was so __________.
anything beats studying!

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