Thursday, December 20, 2007

outing with jadey and vin yesterday was the bomb :D

vin and i have been 'senders' man, malan go off to taiwan we send, today sexman goes to japan and we send also. woke up at a rather ungodly hour of 5?
i thought there's was only going to be me, vin and malan. turns out melvin, phinsiew, nicola , eeruey ( who was damn late) and shuhua were there to.

man, i love the airports early in the morning :D

bro vin's been camping out at my house for many many days, he is a hotshot auntie killer. no wonder my mum and yong tau foo aunties love him like crazy ._. look's like i'm gonna have a new housemate new year.

4747 (:

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