Saturday, December 22, 2007

finally my comp is alive again with all my music and stuff back up.
it is super OMFA irrtating to have only the internet.

man, every lesson's a major adrenaline russshhhhhhh. :D
looks like my bread eating days are gonna be back soon ):
i'll be chocking up a bill of twenty over bucks a week on reggae open class and course next year.

last week's crazy lesson, the beat's like WHOA fast.
jadey and i are the two in red tank's and i'm the much shorter one.
continued with the song this week, just too bad that we din have enough time to film the whole thing down - this week plus last week's choreo.

this is what alex would usually call.... DOPE.
the girl in white is anan who happens to be my reggae instructor and rh's " love at first sight" object-of-affection.
she's what i would call a pintsized dynamite. :D
small in size but packing loads of powerrrrrr.


caught it with jadey and vin :D <3 :D <3

lunch at han's was fisssshhhhyyyyyy but yummylicious.

this is vin's soup -___- mr smarty saw me pour lotsa pepper and decided to try to own me. ERHEM. vin finds MCSPICY, SPICY. HAHAHHAHA.

jadey and vin, eons ago. cutesy wutesy hahaha.
i miss how i looked eons ago.
now i look like shit.

two of my faves in then and now :D

vin and me,jadey and me :D. both taken at marina square GV.

that is an understatement (:

lastly,i still cant believe that the year's already coming to an end. it still feels pretty surreal that o's actually ended a lil more than a month ago.
dont know about everyone else but i don ever ever want to go through that mugging my ass off depression period EVER AGAIN.

well, in the meantime, i'll enjoy whatever's before me as long as it can last.
come next year, everyone'll be sitting in jcs for their PAE while i will be out there working till poly term starts.
no more taka salesgirl for me i think , the thought of fighting for commision sucks big time.
what's up with the cut-your-own-people's-throat theory anyway.

money sure makes the world go OMFA stttteeeewwwwwpid.

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