Tuesday, November 06, 2007


for this i have to thank malan,vincent,ruihao,eeruey and sexman! :D

the past 2 months have been utter crap, its either that daunting feeling of depression, the pent up anger or the frustrations... but today really got me hyped up big time, even yesterday din feel as good !

oh and malan and i are like SUUUUUUAY to the max today, we almost died of shock and two similar types of locations. mine was waaaaay worse, cos it was totally O.O
it's tough to put it into words but i'm feel kind of useless(?), helpless(?), confused(?)... just cant find the right word for it. because there's so much i wanna say but i know everything will come out wrong and yeaaaaaaa.. history repeats itself. and hey, i start feeling like the scum of the earth again.

malan malan malan! everything will be fine (:

started with us hopping to lan shops to drag sexman out so we could go cycling. we ended up at katong shopping centre eating ( damn heavenly ) choco tarts and talking in a lan shop.

but cycling plans were still successful and it was just awesome :D
eeruey and vincent were downright hilarious on their love bike.lots and lots of screaming and shouting from the 6 of us. ended up with a race between ruihao and me which was a total adrenaline spurt .

most of them have sore butts, i'm the only weirdo without it. its either i have the nicer chair ( since my bike is different due to height contraints) OR my body is lagging up as it always does.

the feeling of just letting loose and talking crap without much worry ( note: MUCH, cos there was the haunting threat of fury breaking loose for meeee from the empress dowager ) , has been a total strager to me. today it all came back and i was just so ...........HAPPY.

sigh........... (: sweeeeeet sweeeeeeet serenity.
reverie rewind,please?

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