Monday, June 04, 2007

yesterday and today was killer!!
totally drained and the day was packed with so much stuff-
prayers at waterloo street, visiting grandma at sembawang, zoo and night safari!
night safari is more ex than the zoo but nicer :D so its worth the price tagggg.
but was so wiped out that i fell asleep halfway on the second tram ride and konked out on the table while my mum and bro had Bongo Burgers.

my boyfwen HAHAHAHA

erhem hem. read the sign- LOL

the butterfly's really beautiful but its obvious some eeediot tried to grab it. it couldn even fly about properly D:<

sibling wear :D

bruuuudaaaaaaarrrr. bring me to tekong resort also! fatty me needs to go lose weight. i know you're gonna be one hawttie beefcake after ns. sigh, i'm gonna be so lonely :(

family portrait at the night safari show :D

the animals were super rascal-like yesterday, they were totally messing up their acts, but that was so damn cute. makes me wanna be an animal trainer, i think its hell fun.

konk out!

good night world.

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