Sunday, June 24, 2007

and he lost 3 kiloz!

2 weeks confinement= -3kg
4months BMT = -24kg ( O.O )

WHOA. thats gonna be alot, was telling him how his platoon mates would all come out as hunks cos they'll all be really beefed up. i think skinny guys go into army and end up skinnier.

he's checking into tekong in another 2 hours so its gonna be another lonely week for me with all the music directed at me only since i'm the only target. OH JOY.

it is another 6 hours till the end of the day. I.AM.NOT.LOOKING.FORWARD.TO.SCHOOL.
that, and the prospect that i'm aiming to study biomed in poly and only 2 poly biomed students have made it to medical school in university so far- that just scares the hell out of me.its like the one road i managed to think of is like a godamned ticket of no return.i am very screwed.

the thought of school really makes me anxious.

let's all blow balloons and celebrate the opening of school!!!!!

i like the word BUMFLUFF.

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