Sunday, January 28, 2007

dance this week hasnt been as madly tiring as the last. this week's like the week of total drama.

seems that ahma and banana are pretty much my dustbins (: and banana's the one ahma and i aiaiaiaiaiaiai<3 cos we get nice hokkaido chockies and greentea pocky from him.

its funny how i feel that i've opened up so much more from pri sch; been way more loud and more upfront abt stuff (barely brushing the tip though, when compared to others.)and yet somehow, i just cant throw away those insecurities and let out those thoughts to get myself heard.

and yes; i feel so blllooooooody ca-le-faaare when i'm standing up next to them. ah ma and banana say not being so assertive is good. hur. i'll forever be that puny money collector without a view. when ahhong made that comment about the chairperson thing- i wanted to cry. cos its so damn frustrating that everyone thinks green club is one bloody slacking cca. they've never seen the stuff we had to do. so maybe every other person out there thinks trees are lame. and that i've pulled strings. ARGH. go. and. die.

RANTRANTRANT.why have i left my diary at my grandma's house! aaaaaa.

was browsing through my pictures; i still haven had the heart to delete all those fragments of memories. those times were good. sure, i was some kinda imbalanced nutcase but at the same time ignorant and ignorant was good. not anymore, i almost died arguing with vincent and santa about WHY. *bangs head*

people only see the bare surface, apparently vincent thinks i should wrap myself up as a dumpling whenever i go tuition. its times when fleeting comments are said that you really really wonder do they know me at all ? seems like my dressing speaks way louder than who i really am. what you see isnt what you get.i'm like a 289364802khz and everyone else is 20khz- their priorities level far from mine. i'm more than the ball of fluff that ppl think i am but they haven slipped on those torn shoes of mine, so,i'm an alien. now i know why i have so much pent up #!$@^@$!^@*, whatever feeling that is.

M+M= perrrrrfeccccccccccccccccccccct.

what a girl wants is nice.
and i'm in love with you and me and long time coming and half life.
too much of a coward to embrace it.

random random.
i need a proper dustbin and i need to clear my head.

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