Sunday, December 17, 2006

heartpain? no heartpain?

GAH. doesnt matter anymore. :D

ooohs. so so very hooked up with baking these days. my mum's into it, i'm madly in love with it, my aunt's jumping on to the bandwagon of bakers. as i'm typing this, gorgeously aromatic shortbread's are being made on my very humble oven.

yes i know it's weird but i wouldnt mind an electric beater for xmas, for it seems that tons of recipes require the electric beater. its probably even more sacred than the remote control HAHA.


basically, i'm just taking a break from whatever i've been doing this whole morning and i'm abt to log on to heymaths to see if i can put the money i paid for that ruddy website to good use.

i'm struggling with that stupid piece of amths hmwk
:( help?

oh yes.


it is by far the best movie i've watched the whole year round :)
and of course not forgetting the essential 'good movie complimentery'- good company!
check out the trailer (:

haven felt that relaxed in ages.

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