Tuesday, December 26, 2006

been doing a whole lot of cooking these few days and housework too since i've been at home for quite long.

thus, i have earned the title:


yes thank you bro, i love you so much for making me a maria.

many pics in my bro's phone! but cable's at my grandma's house so i shall post it up next time then :D AND THE KITCHEN IS CLEAN YESSSSSSSSS. took me a whole 4 hours and quite alot of screaming ( lucky i closed the windows) THREE COCKROACHES ARE NO JOKE OKAY. they even come in varying sizes. small, medium and large.

so yes i feeel damn guilty. i'm gonna burn in hell for using that baygon. but either i die or they die!!!!!!! and i sprayed alot okay. euthenasia. i made sure i did so that they don cringe abt,

ah. okay enough of cockroaches.


i salute the brain behind the whole story. i'm totally intrigued :D

would kill to be like L. brains. and eat and eat and eat and EAT. BUT still the same. tall ppl are lucky ppl.

okay and malu malu. i cried at the last part. cannot tahan lah!!!!
tissue important. very very important. i better bring more on whatever movie i watch next.

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