Saturday, December 09, 2006

gah. i dont like having dance in the afternoon or on a sat ):

i'm liking deng lao shi's choreo more and more :D its so BANG! damn impactful. haha if only we could all get his feel then the gold with honours would definitely be in the bag.

i still cant do the turn and leg lift. sighs. i'm so scared i'll be the only one of the 6 chosen who cant do it. argh. ):

sharon, jade and i were totally talking about food in the bus. and i just realised the 3 of us have something totally common. we get DAMN HIGH when talking about the food we like.

though i must say sharon and i have more similar taste. ahma and mine's kinda contradicts pretty much most of the time but we still love food :D same ol same ol'

we were talking about........


yes. so so evilly loaded with trans fats? but so damn dman heavenly.
country mania's soup with that pastry on top is WAAAAAh. damn droolable okay :D

live longer and be deprived or
clog up my arteries with trans fat at age 40?

i rather die early :D HAHA

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