Tuesday, December 12, 2006

as per the usual dance again today.

and "YAY" dance again tmr.

as much as i love dance sometimes i feel like killing deng lao shi because he always stuffs some extra lesson in at the last min. unlike xiao jun, i do not have a photographic memory, so missing one lesson is like suicide. ends up, i gotta change alot of stuff i planned for.

but for that gold with honours, I SHALL PERSEVERE.

i would kill to have the flexibility of those gymnasts at the asian games.


i cant help it mans! they're doing that leg stunt thingy that i have to do and boy do they make it look like child's play. and unlike me, they do not have short legs, so it looks good.

speaking of short, i really WAS wishing that i could grow just that little bit taller. short limbs + contemporary dance = not very nice. the body lines are so short, its just UGH. liuxing and sharon have nice heights, not too tall, not too short. and they are undoubtedly the best pair for pair dance, they have so much chemistry ; it looks so... right.


then again, i have resigned to my fate of being short.


i have just gotten back from TM. spent a damn long time there. really, sometimes i cant swallow how slack they are, it really kills me at times.

it was awful today. i totally turned on my tap. i cant help it. low self esteem is the most shit thing in the world. and they can still ask why. why? because of everything i've been subjected to. its okay.. who has been saying stuff? .. it'll come.. i cant wait anymore. its not nice. really it isnt.

link back to smurf's post. i totally understand what she was hitting on abt.

everyday, i wake up feeling like an eyesore. a major one. that feeling today was so so so raw. was hit the hardest today.



you never really know how a person really is like until you hear them speak.

my mum met an ex-potential bodynits guy at X-CRAFT today.looking at him, you'll think he's some sorta street thug, with his super multiple ( but really super nice ) piercings. yet somehow, his dressing and mannerisms do not scream distasteful.

my mum was commenting on how he may look like a bad boy but he exudes a kind of charm plus he knows his priorities.

"..studies still come first.."

rugged, really rugged.

when i'm older, and when i'm really really sure of it; i'll get a tattoo. or a navel piercing. which i believe i can sloooowly wait.because at this moment, my grandma still forbids me to get ear piercings. much less tattoos and piercings anywhere else.

i love PRESTIGE. expensive but worth it. over-the-counter chocolates have totally lost their appeal. plus all that nice little stuff, low fat, low sugar, no preservaties and lots of antioxidants. i'm hooked (:

ALISON AND IVAN's dance last night was WHAM. so waaaaah. i was captivated. ivan was so serious and into the dance, you could practically feel the emotions pouring into the dance from both parties.

and ah ma knows my dream. LOL. apparently i can WAIT LONG LONG. HAHA.

and PCD was pretty disappointing. their live performance was really off. but still hot is still hot. good lookers really do not need anything else.


been thinking,

and after o's; i wanna get a job at( in not particular order ) :
1) subway
2) X-craft
3) carrefour (stock taker not cashier)
5) hotel (banquet waitress)

and alot more but i cant think of at the moment.

well, good night.

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