Friday, August 04, 2006

NAPFA is over. Grrrr. once again, I missed my 30. its was super fun after the 5 items though :Dtres empatia had our own phototaking session. Credits to davin and his camera. I heard the pics came up to 700 over.

Filming that day was unusually fun :D cos we had our GHEY PINK SHIRTS. Its pink, its gay. But what the hell, I love it ! its our identity. Thanks thanks so much Cheryl !!!! :D whom I know isn’t gonna wash her tee cos ben yeo signed on one side and touched the other side .

That bugger has NO sense of fashion. Making us tuck in our shirt till only 2 cm is out. Like SHEEEEEESH; it aint our uniform. And big shirts are cool- period.

We might be having a campover to finish up everything before 12 aug. Im pretty psyched. Its gonna be tiring but definitely a hell load fun. Definitely be a good time for me to repay my {debts}- haven been doing much for the group and haven been attending much meetings. Im gonna pia ! we want it.

Sometimes I think dance really spoils life- the cca, that is. Its one performance after the other . I missed out on class bonding sessions, missed out on 11 bian meetings. Sighs… that sense of satisfaction after each performance is undeniable though.

Netball interclass today was kinda not-what-we-wanted. But wells, we played hard. (: the feeling is waaaay diff from being with bn, not that strong I guess. We kinda had to beg some ppl to play and the whole team wasnt part of the planning from head to toe. But I still had fun I guess comparisons are inevitable , Im loving empatia more though(: we got bonding potential! 10 August class outing ! cant wait !

The day went by pretty fast with a blurry of activities. Gah. I’m dead beat. Gotta go catch some shuteye or my grandma’s gonna screw me up big time if I cant make it on time for prayers tmr.

Till then~ and for the love of it all. TRES EMPATIA (:

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