Saturday, July 08, 2006

Finally back after a long long hiatus.

Junes hols passed faster then I wanted it to be. Events that have gone by seem pretty blurry. Everything is like gone before I even know it.

WE GOT IN ! :D wooohooooo. But that kinda means Ive got like absolutely no time left which kinda sucks but Ill try to cope with it I guess .

School anniversary is over (: the performance was so HUH. Totally agree with Sharon how the feeling of going up on stage when the dance is about to start is so awesome. And how the feeling of the whole thing ending feels totally out-of-place. Its like suddenly its gone so fast. Most of the time, its like dazewalking, you don really feel present, youre just moving about. Trying to feel the music. It happens too too quick.

I love our costume for the eleven of us, especially how the skirt goes when I turn. Its by way the best costume Ive ever had (: primary school was typical cheena and the hairstyles always sucked. Then there was syf last year , comfort factor scored a 10 but when it came to looks it kinda knocked in at like 5?

Its was havoc for the 6 of us when we went crazy snapping photos. I totally adore the eye makeup (: it just looks really right. The new dance tee looks pretty seh, the old one is sweet looking, in that very ballerina kinda feel. Must be the purple, it adds a slight bit of edginess.

We went wild during the buffet. Well, sorta. The two S-es are sooooo sweeet. Xing has got her thai mango. Ing didnt wanna take the photo which was kinda wasted. S and S gave them such a great chance. I went everywhere promoting the hotdog buns :D and the oh-so-nice ncc guys namely my son bo and his khakis were so kind to eat up all the hotdogs leaving the bread -____-.

I cant wait to get the pics from xing , ah ma and xiaojun. Its gonna be pretty kickass. :DFinally, Ill be able to get the video for our talentine dance, mans, I cant help loving xiaovester. Bah.The tension yesterday, I din even know what it was for. At least everything was fine in the end (:

A really nice meeting yesterday at fresco. I love peanut crunch! Its so seldom that I meet like-minded nande who share the same interest :D those in school haven broken out of that dance=cheena sissys stereotype. I get awfully pissed when they make such comments.

{.. I quit because there was no freedom. Freedom is really important in dance..}

I couldnt agree more. My favourite line at the moment.

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