Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Staring at the list i've got pasted infront of me. Big dreams. But i'll get there, i've let one too many slip past.

Today i had two cheese sandwiches, tons of orange clorets, half a mango, and a mouthful of noodles. Food no longer interests me, i just eat to live. Maybe it's cos i've stopped baking and cooking that i'm so unaware of what i put into my mouth now. I haven't had a craving in a bit, which is abnormal.

I've been downing tons of pills though, glucosamine, multivitamins, cod liver pills, omega pills. i feel like one of those health junkies now. but i guess it's all been helping~ i havent had a severe migraine in quite a bit, i havent seen my doctor in ages and i've been able to wake up in mornings.

yea, pointless post i just had some stuff to unload. Feeling pretty stiffened now.
right, time for bpharm.

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