Sunday, March 21, 2010

a little ethereal


Just got back from my virgin shisha experience with yobo,tyron michelle and the taiwanese lockers. It was fun and dizzy, and the place was really cosy mmmhmmm. I miss woo fam and jina, so many days after they left and we're still on aegyo, sexy cutie handsome? Hope the korean trip would come true and by then i would have picked up krump well enough. It's been one international dancer after another, next would be R16 and korean dancers again, it's been great getting to know each of them and i'm really looking forward to the dance scene upping as a whole. It's just so so so much more than what we have and what we know, mmhmm it's a big big world.

Headed down to stock up for TheBlogShop and Best of Blogshops just now and i'm getting the drive again! And yupp, i've gotten a space at FEP's BOBS as well, 4th level :D But i'll be changing officially to kohlandrouge soon, once the site is done up ( tmd troublesome ), then i can get namecards and all the other admin nonsense done. No more slacking, the slackoff caused me my sales at both shops which really sucked. Probably headed down to get the design done tmr :D excited to get my first manufactured piece up i hope all goes well!

Then it'll be jadeyyy and me and eyebrows and a whole lot to catch up on (: I've been on a bit of a uniqlo wave at the moment, after sorting out my closet and taking stuff out to sell/flea/donate/diy, i've realised my painful lack of basic wear. But i'm packing them up :D especially since recently discovering jeans ( a little late i know ). That and every night i still think about striking lottery to satisfy every single need and want i could probably haveeee...

BOOTCAMP IN ONE DAY . CRAZY EXCITED. and after that it's fats extermination :D
c'est la vie

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