Wednesday, March 31, 2010

kohl and rouge



Phew i've been staring at the computer for the past 5 hours *pukes*, i'm so giddy now.
Interchanging between those puny little html codes and bejewelled ( damn i'm stuck ) , and checking between the lappy and desktop to make sure the alignment doesnt get screwed on different screen sizes. And now i'm stuck halfway cos i cant make the links work D: I'll stab myself if there's no way to make the links work, i like the skin too much now, and plus the hours i spent O.O zomg please make them worrrrrk.

Off to mail the listees now , man it's been what, 3 months? since i last sent out an update i hope they dont just click delete. Finish up the little admin stuff, then do up a sales post to clear everything, post up the backlogged pieces and get a brand new start on the new site!

Bye to Keelova soon, and heelllloooo to KohlandRouge.
I've been dying to switch over ever since i thought of the latter.
mmhmmm i'm looking forward! Plus the manufactured piece :D

Mail listees, condition a bit, haji to stock up then to boonlay for JACK'S PLACE with the brother.
Today's so productive, i like!

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