Saturday, March 20, 2010


Just yesterday i was reading an issue of juice and saw the article on Marcpinto and his branding technique and tadah! i come across clicknetwork's new series today and it features the exact same technique.

click to view the video!

I have yet to touch up my white ink and my birds just looks like 3 triangles ._. doubt any touchup could save them unless i get them over in black ink. Still havent gotten my second ink yet but it'll definitely happen :D Now i'm really intrigued by this branding method, it heals just like a scar which would be kinda like my white ink but just more permanent and definite. Sadly the one on my ankle dint fully heal the way i wanted it, and i'm just waiting that while more to get it done up again. Who knows i just might end up doing branding instead of a tattoo.

For now, i've got school planned out and with that bit of egging on from my bro i'm actually feeling much better :3 and the holidays are getting on and hopefully i can set everything into place the way i want it to be in time for school. Dance and money :D :D :D and hopefully come july/august KOREAN HERE I COME. or wherever i can go, it's hard to do much when funds arent high ,time to start working again !

There's a part of me that's been looking up (: Very very much, it's a crazy nice feeling to breathe the way i do now. To wake up and be able to feel like this, it's all been worthwhile... every single bit of the way i had to come. Without you, i wouldn't have been able to get where i am this soon, thank you yobo for all the support. For the tomorrow to come, I live now (:


aiyo so fierce uh someone.

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