Sunday, February 07, 2010

white ink


I'm done with what i want for my white ink and i'd be getting it next weekend.
To get me through this, a reminder, a push, a memoir on skin.
I'd love never to crumble in my own thoughts ever again.
This period in my life, i'd love to remember as much as i'd love to forget, ironic i know, but i guess it's really the transitional phase that went on a few years too long and this time round, this could very well make or break me.

School work and tests have been depressing.
What's worse than not doing well?
Studying so effing hard, walking into the rooming, flipping the pages and having ever single detail that could roll off my tongue so easily moments ago... just disappear.
Just jumble up and not make sense. It's demoralizing in ever sense of the word, and the worst? it felt like o's.

Ronald tagged me in a note on facebook and i found it really meaningful.
I've always known this , but sometimes i get so caught up entangled in everything that i feel as if my world's gonna crumble.
But it isn't, it never did.
There will always be people who have worse problems than us, way worse. But that doesn't mean we should ever belittle the problems of others around us, no matter how seemingly small it is to you.
But i best not get start on this, there's never a right or wrong and i'd end up going in argumental circles.

Someone told me yesterday that life sucks cuz her dad put a limit on her credit card and she can't spend as

much as before. Thus making me think about this thing in my head I've always contemplated. I think we

lead two lives. Life in society. Life in naturality. Life isn't bad. It's society and technology and a drive to

connect with the fast paced world around that makes your brain stupid to simple stuff. Why you should tell

yourself Life Is Good if you're a lucky one that falls under the stuffs below. and cut down on life sucks. Cuz

The sunrise is beautiful. Cuz the sunset is too. Cuz the stars that shine at night are too. Cuz there's a

roof above your head. Cuz you can eat, drink, walk and talk. Cuz you don't need to worry about dying

in a moment from explosives, bullets, invaders. Cuz most of the time you get to choose "want" over

"need". Cuz you have someone who loves you. Cuz there's also another big bunch of small little stuff

when you sit down, straighten out your mind, take a breather and take a little time to think that'll turn

that frown upside down. I guess we all wanna strive to live in the "happiness" equivalent of society.

But when the going gets tough, simplicity is simply being able to find happiness in simple things :)

And if there's one thing i'd really love to have in the future. It'll be a beautiful home.
Not a house, but a home (:
A beautiful place i can call my own, that's filled with love and happiness and comfort and family.

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