Saturday, January 30, 2010

thanks for the mmrs.


Yesterday, this morning, every little moment had me thanking my lucky stars. The negativity has been harder to deal with than i imagined and it did leave me in doubt, but sans that i know i wouldn't have it any other way than what i have now. I broke surface. I went on a playback. i went on a fast forward. We talked about the past, about the present, about the future. We talked about us and about others, thoughts, fears, strengths, weaknesses, friends, family, love, passion... faith. What we each wanted, what we had in mind to achieve and all the what if's. I learnt alot. The justifying of everything without biasness just gave me a clearer view of everything, where i stand, what i truely believe in. At time, some things are still a blur, plagued with uncertainty. But the time will come when it all comes clean. And last night, i threw away categories. Classifications of "friends" "family" "close friends" "loved ones", it's really just " the people who matter" . Isn't it?
Baby if you see this let me know wokaaay (: Cos i think you're the only weirdo who would be highlighting my posts, but i cant be sure. I love you yobo, yesterday was amazing. Just us sharing our thoughts, you listening to me, no assumptions no judgements no rebuttals, i've never really had that. And you being there just listening, it means alot to me. The fact that i'm telling you every single thing about me and not being scared, it means alot too. Same for me, if you died today, i will wail.


Anonymous said...

basket u knew!

ayozi said...

hahahah! of course i know. whale ah whale.