Tuesday, January 19, 2010

i am ... :

1) going to try and conquer MBIO
2) damn scared i'll end up getting chicken pox
3) thinking of getting vaccinated
4) proud of how much i cleared around the house
5) wondering when my entire house will finally be cleaned
6) looking forward to finally having a water heater
7) craving for a bloody lot of things
8) extremely happy for briyanni and nana and myself <3
9) itching to get back to stuff for the blogshop
10) on cloud 983047183294723640 everytime i see yobo
11) worried about FTL
12) dead stressed everytime i think of MBIO
13) still dreaming about striking TOTO
14) hatching an evil thought in my head and wishing it would come true
15) missing yobo
16) wishing all would really be fine
17) pissed of by people who talk too much shit
18) irked at that thought still
19) glad i met jade yesterday
20) constantly worrying about what would happen
21) thankful for everyday
22) awaiting this crazy week to pass
23) worried about my constant fatigue
24) constantly thinking about concert ):

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