Monday, November 30, 2009

it's a wild world


I think we're all charging each day, even if not quite so apparent, there's something just raging about in our heads and we forget the small little things that make up everyday.

The weather was awesome today :>
I was just walking by the road and suddenly it hit me how cooling it was, and the skies were cloudy and grey, just the way i love the weather to be . And that made me really happy.
Then i slept through the entire afternoon and maybe most of the night in baby's arms. It's 2am now, I'm bright and chirpy, i guess i'm not much of a morning person.

For every day, or every single down moment i've had, there are small moments like this to make up for it. I've been overlooking them all and focusing on all the bad stuff and honestly, it's leeching off me. I'll try , to learn t0 breathe.

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