Monday, November 09, 2009


Have been a little too needy of late, not exactly your stick-like-glue needy but that tad more in need of some assurance. Okay maybe a lot.

I guess i've been trying so hard to chase perfection, a blurry perfection that sees only the end and nothing else. If not for baby's advice, I'd probably have fallen into the pithole of being that idiot who runs right to the end with my head bowed. I would have missed out on every single detail along the way, every single thing that could have made the end so much more worthwhile.

That plus all the bagging of comparisons, endless.
Perfection is as unattainable as it is coveted,
I know that yet i'm still lusting perfection.
Maybe not exactly porcelain glazed perfection, but something closer, something more polished, more pleasing.
Sometimes, I don't understand why i still compare, it's been long yet i still can't put down that memory.

Assurance and a hug, could do with some of both now.

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