Tuesday, September 29, 2009



A few days back, I posted this on my fb wall:

"... it's not the part whereby there are no awkward silences, but rather... the part where the silences are not awkward..."

It means alot to me (: When i can finally not feel that compelling urge to utter something to break the silence, that's when i'm truely comfortable with that person. I've got one extremely short mental list at the back of my head and i treasure those people a mad lot. Like i wish i could tie strings to them and hold on to those strings so tightly i'd never lose them cos there's just THAT few you know and i love them.

Yesterday, for the umpteen time, i was tripping over all my thoughts. Listening to me talk about what i'm thinking about is like fixing a 10000000 pieces BRIGHT NEON PINK jigsaw puzzle. Like you take damn long to get it right, it's frustrating, you have to try and try... and when you finally get it, you get a headache looking at the visualisation of my thoughts in your mind's eye. soooooo....... technically, i don't think anyone's been there.

haha and baby and i have a lot of misses when it comes to trying to be on par with what i'm thinking but thank you for trying so hard still ...you always go " so does that mean that blablabla? ",
" so this is what youre trying to say.. blabla?" , " so... blablabla?" .
And yesterday was wonderful (: i always look forward to our 2 hour private time when you and me are in every sense of that phrase" in a world of our own" . They keep me going, all our talks, our thoughts, our nonsense... and happy as well.
wish i had you with me today ): The migraine that comes with puking and fever is just horrible.
I hope i'll be better tmr- reggae and modern, i dont want to miss them and i know i cant.

Every one seems to be falling in love (:
That makes me happy, guess my little wish a few post back kinda came true.

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