Wednesday, September 30, 2009

rain down on me. money. i mean money


sooooo... I just got the sales report for Sept and the figures made me go :D
then after deducting the rent + cost price, i became D:
Profit? yes, But it is mad little. sigh sigh sigh.
I dont want to give up the space at the shop but ^%!$#$^%!*#*!~@.
*puffs out dejected air*

Now awaiting my cheque so i can very happily slip away from my churchmouse status.
anddd... i just divided all the money to all the stuff i need to pay-
Bangkok trip, cummz,dance, transport....
GAH ):

Everyday, this little thought bubble pops up in my head about winning 1 million and what i'll do with it. Oh well, A girl can dream!

Just finished one collection (:


My Fave photo from the collection,

NEED SLEEP NOW, i miss my monkey ):

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