Thursday, September 24, 2009


I really love how people pick pictures off the net, post it up on their blog and write their part of life about it. 10 people could pick the exact same picture, but not one experience would be the same. Similar? yes. Identical? no. Not even if a couple wrote about the same picture, because no two people see things in copier fashion. Which is what makes every account so unique and interesting. Maybe i'm just a big K.p.O, but i also love reading about other people's love lives. There's always so much to learn, and the kind of heart skipping " I FEEL EXACTLY THE SAME WAY!! " is really, quite very exhilarating.

Took 2 pictures off LeLove, merged them, added my own touches.
And now, this is unique to me and you baby:D
see see? notice the small audrey and ady at the side?
Still, spread the love!!!
if you think this picture fits into your little love story, post it up along with your very own mmrs.
Maybe one day i'll spot this on someone else's blog,
that would definitely bring a small little smile to my face (:

And if any of the few who read this space out there is still wondering...
it's somewhere at my sidebar... under daily flips.
Sharing cos' everybody could do with a bit of loving <3 <3.

and you can feed my fishes also, just keep clicking.
and they follow your cursor as well ( in the tank only ).
Really brainless idiotic fun, perfect for those who cant keep a sea monkey alive.

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