Monday, July 13, 2009

still soft hearted

in the computer lab, doing up my powerpoint
and feeling extremely stupid, over and over again.
To try, to be the one tugging,
To be greeted with 4 words.
how nonchalant and flippant,
and how extremely painful this is.

Whatever happened to the best of yesterdays?
Why do i still try?
Is it really just me?
Or is this the inevitable route to take?
This is wearing me out in more ways than one.
Why do i still hold on?
because i want.
Soon, one month. Just one more.
One more month of trying and hardwork to reaching for something i want.
If it crumbles, these clipped wings will feel the wind again.
Maybe i'll stay and maybe i'll go test the waters somewhere else.
Or very maybe,
I'll be hovering around with longing, but not for long.

Who are you? Really.

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