Monday, March 02, 2009


You keep me real.

photos for the shop, okay failed photos- really like them but they're so blur! updated the shop! go see (:

dance has been tiring but fufilling albeit the fact that i screwed up the "auditions" ,IT WILL GET BETTER. i saw the capital L word staring right back at me when i looked in the mirror, i'll try my best to change that.

been thinking about dance alot recently since that's close to one of the only loves in my life right now. i actually thought about my dance life all the way back till i was 3. and, i am ashamed of myself. so i started out with ballet, and to be honest for all that time will pri 2 and for all that money spent, it was a waste. i really didn'y learn anything. went on to chinese dance in pri 6, still learnt nothing. modern/chinese dance in sec school? still hardly learnt anything.

why ashamed? because i'm been "dancing" for so long yet, i have nothing those other long time dancers have. i don't know how to listening to the bests in the music well, my countings suck and i'm bad at remebering steps... seriously nothing much learnt.

okay i'm off to bed.

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