Tuesday, March 10, 2009


this is soooo late and also to make up for the fact that my sms wish din get through ):
really wanna see you sooon! have like a million and one things to tell you, to fill you in about and reggae classes to attend with you. i love how kinda funny it is to take photos with you cos i'm like up to your hurhur, and how we're at opposite ends of the spectrum in height yet we click, like that. i know height but friendship= no link, but i just liked how weird we used to look like walking together. it's fun i miss that!

everytime i stop/pass paya leba station i will just end up thinking of jadey, how we used to go back home together.every.single.day. with all the gushing, heart-to-heart talks ....

anyway this mere 1 week plus of holidays has been more packed, eventful and memorable then i'd imagined it to be. dance has still been fruitful and enjoyable albeit the fact that i'm always glazing at people with my half-stoned eyes and going " wah i'm damn hungry lah. damn tired. i WANNA SLEEEP. damn cold. damn hot...xxzzxx" come to think of it, i'm kinda whiny ah ):

just one more month.
one more month till all these ends. i've never thought that something like that could ever happen. it just feels so surreal, and knowing that in just one month, everything is really just ashes to ashes- makes me treasure it more. living for the moment. that's just exactly what i've been doing since holidays started. no fixed plans, no to-dolist, everything i planned for just died.

i really kinda like how spontaneous everything has been, and how daring i've been to lap it all up. it's now or never, the moment this month ends, my life would go back to how it was then with a truckload of responsibilities and obligations. i've learnt so much in this one over week, so much so that i feel so overwhelmed.

it really is a nice feeling, talking to people who are weathered (?). undeniably, what has happened to them makes them and i tend to get them more which probably explains why i tend to gravitate towards them.

when the fine line between a want and a should gets marred ,like smudging the lines of fresh charcoal drawings with soft fingertips, what do you do?

when you create a problem, the only thing to do is to solve it.

one month, just one more month.
i can already feel the racing feeling of anxiety.
one more month of sureal.

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