Wednesday, March 04, 2009

cummy so hot cummy loves me so much

and that was what that bugger wrote when he hijacked the comp.

now i'd love for a really good full body massage, like those relaxing spa kinds. wouldn mind if some hair treatment stuff plus facials were included. come to think of it, i've NEVER done any of those before which is kinda kinda kinda sad.mooooolaaaaah. that's what i need to get all those. money really really does make the world go round, YOU CANT BUY EVERYTHING WITH MONEY. ya, but without money, you cant buy anything.

has been fufilling dance , but there's just something off with my ghetto, i cant quite catch what but SOMETHING IS. it is such a peeve, i swear. and i can just picture the whole concert in my head , i like it. i like how the bits and pieces are actually amassing and forming something almost literally tangible- in my head. it triggers this weird excitement in me and i just feel like bouncing!

have been absolutely hyper in dance, hyper in my own world that is. like jumping about randomly, grooving to the music, turning around in random circles and just absolute for speckled moments, just being oblivious to everyone around me. it...feels nice.

that said. epic balls is no more, bola is off to join briyanni while the bilis is off to windmill around the room. shit i'm so excited. i picture briyanni being absolutely dope after this month, haha that makes me excited toOo.


stole all these from cheryl's blog! THEY ARE LE AWESOME MAX PHOTOS OF CHUNGCHENG. THEY ARE.

the selected places to take, the effects! damn, so fineeee.
i love chungcheng's compound, i know it looks like china or a chinese temple and i know just about everyone thinks people from chungcheng are cheena freaks. oh wells, MY SCHOOL HAS A LAKE LAKE LAKE. beat that.

why hasn't anyone tried to steal the fat kois in school to sell? i don get it, kois are so expensive and they're like freeflow in chungcheng. people really shouldn bother buying kois, they should just fish in chungcheng.

i miss the dance studio in chungcheng, the lts, the library, the walkways, the canteen, the classrooms, the view of the lake, the auditorium, the heritage gallery, dava's teacher's table HA.HA.HA, the concourse.... ):
miss that lake surrounded by willows and casuarinas. sitting there to emo.



reminiscence is always so sweet, but sad.

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