Monday, February 23, 2009

Strength is to let go when the time is right

i think i screwed up hpi, i think. i wont do fantastically well but i'm hoping just not something that will pull my gpa out of the 3 range. anyway hpi was highly tedious, it was like a bio exam in secondary school. A FREAKING MARATHON!!!! it got to a point whereby i just sat there stoning for 5 min wishing all the words could just leave my mind and transcend upon the paper.

gah. everything was ... " waaaait... i know this. i know this, i've studied it BUT WHAT ARE THE EXACT DETAILS DAMN ITTTTT!!! " ya that was practically how i felt throughout the whole thing. did the red bull again, no more hong gan feeling this time, but i was wide awake for quite a long long while.....

anyway, X.Japan! am fan now,always heard of them but never took an initiative to go listen. but after yongsheng showed vin the vids, I'M A CONVERT. japanese bands are so awesome, so much more talent than cookie cutter taiwanese bands.

visual kei max.

yoshiki is so awesome. aiya, shucks i'm not sure which is the video yongsheng showed vin.

another funny sub NIPPLE SONG.

this is like the only song i can play on the piano, not the full version though. haha the way i learnt how to play this was so noob, i actually marked my keys with nail polish so that i could remember them. AM GOING TO LEARN HOW TO DO THE PROPER DUET WITH CUMMY THIS HOLS! man i wish i was more musically inclined, i couldn even play the recorder properly last time ._.

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