Monday, October 06, 2008

i guess somethings are better left unsaid. but still, thanking you for caring, whoever you are. i know you read my blog (: and i know you'll know who i'm thanking. so thank you! and sorry for the unnecessary taunts you had to go through. It's my own low self confidence actually, and i'm working on it i guess (:

and thank you rb for noticing something that others dint and not making light of it like how everyone did. thank you, it means alot (:

and no, i'm not going to give up like some pusssssy (:
i have to think fierce and think like yesterday.

" don trust so easily. you'll just end up getting hurt"
i love cummy (: you always make me feel better, and in ways where i'm lacking , you back me up and give me the best advice ever, which sadly, i find hard to heed. i dunno what i'll do without you.

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