Tuesday, July 22, 2008

sneak peek

i went back to have a lil peek at the hip hop dancers.
expecting to see the whole studio filled up,
high on adrenaline and movements and all.
but what i got was a 180 degree turnabout.
i feel their pain ):
afterall, i was the first to get ousted for both modern and hiphop.
body.... why the heck do you hate me so much!!!!!!!!!!

it took me quite a lot of courage to go see them dance.
even cummy asked me " you sure you wanna go? i'm afraid you cant take it. "
well, i guess some people might think that it's so way out of there being so upset about an injury.
but dance is so very much my first love.
i miss that adrenaline rush.
i miss that floundering of steps. even the feeling demoralized part.

x-ray results.
" hi your x-ray results are out. do come done to review it with the doctor "
$!^%$*@$*$*%$# ^$!8
wicky wong ahhhh?!!!!!!!!!
pleeeeeeeeeeeeease noooooooooooo.

i'm afraid i might just knock his head with the sphygmomanometer or strangle him with the stethoscope, considering how frustrated i've been feeling.

i still haven bought tickets for dreamssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hopefully i can get it!!
i keep bleeding, keep keep bleeding love.
i'm so gonna bleed when watch em roll', bleeding love and the way that i love come on.

it's been two weeks without reggae.
jiggy, dutty wine, butterfly... ...

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