Sunday, July 13, 2008

Rainy Days Never Stay

one of my fave songs of all time by the brilliant green (:
my rainy days will not stay!!!!!!!!!

Rainy days never stay - The Brilliant Green

Haircut with cummy yesterday :D
i think from all posts on, i'll call vinbro, cummy.
that's what i call him usually anyway.
( i have nothing to do with his weird nick, ask him )

yesterday was a " i'm gonna cheer you up day " from cummy.

I had the Ngee Ann Kongsi Scholarship interview first which i totally screwed up.
): i din piss the interviewers off or anything, but i don think i was good ):!
sigggghhh there goes my 4k.
maybe if i had a " honest man" face like my bro...
i would have a higher chance of getting?
i look like a friggy fat imp!
my bro was telling me that they're just a bunch of boring old man, HAHA i beg to differ!

was supposed to go to plza sing, but ended up in clarke quay instead.
and there we were reminiscing Prom Night 07 '
the bench cummy, malan and i sat at till 4 am were no longer there ):
but i remebered every single detail of the whole night very vividly!
haha and i also relished the fact that i din spend a single cent on my whole prom outfit.

managed to get to plaza sing and
bought the tickets for
which is a tear jerking movie.
and a darn good one for that matter.
i'll never forget the things in the movie (:
human , pets, companions, they all apply don they?
because somewhere out there,
you could just very well mean the world to someone

at roxy square.
it's reasonable, 14 bucks, average student price.
but really good service (:

HAHAHAHA but anyway.....
i still ending up lopping some locks off myself just now (:
much happier with it!
i always have the problem with relating what i want to the hairdresser.
so it just get's across briefly, and i get the basic shape.
then i change it till i'm happy.

i've got hair with more shape.
it used to be just shapeless *POM*.
( am unable to find a suitable enough word to describe my hair )
my hair will never be shampoo ad worthy, soft and straight or gorgeous cascading tresses, it will just be unruly, rebellious like a teen into adolescent.
HAHA so i deciding to stop moping and use that to my advantage.

1) my face cant take flat hair anyway, so even with all my grumblings, it's actually a blessing to have *POM* hair like mine.

2)plus i don even need styling products to keep it fluffy and tousled like most girls do.
it's so thick and airy it stays by itself.

so i have a lion-do now :D alriiiiggghttttttt.

being a hairdresser's actually one of my ambitions!that plus being a vet and dancer (:
i just love messing around with hair.
be it cutting, styling....
i'm just into all the unconventional jobs that people usually have.

honestly, i get very very affected by what people say about my looks.
not in the i'm pissed off kinda way but rather the lack of self esteem kinda way.
but when they criticise my dressing,
i don give a shit, at all.

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