Tuesday, July 15, 2008

i want to run.
i want to dance i need to dance.
i wan to go obs.
i want to kayak 21 km and get stuck in a storm.
i want to wake up every morning to munshi and suisen and barker.
i want to eat lunch with them
i want to go back to alpha in p5.
i want to go back to jalan bahtera in sec2.
i miss camps so much.
i miss being active.
so much pent up energy in me that i feel like i'll explode.
physio is so expensive i don even know if i wanna go.
where are you guys now?
are you alright?
would you mind if i came into your life tonight,
and stayed by your side?

i just dumped in lyrics( modified) from a song i wrote.
cummy's in the midst of composing the piano piece for
" AISHIBU " (:
he's so dman talented with the piano.
it's nearly finishing i cant wait.
then there's.
8 months and 17 days.
Guo Qu De Mei.
i need you.

i feel like singing.

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