Monday, April 07, 2008

reggae open last last sat, i'm the one in black with white pom pants.
i love reggae.
i love the ferocity, the groove, the bangs, the attitude, everything.

was back at chung cheng for dance and everything's changed,
the familiarity and comfort i felt in the past was pretty much gone.
all of that feeling has been replaced with excitement, somewhat like stepping into new ground.
haha well, what to except right?
i mean, we're the old birds now, and it's no longer "our" era.

barefooters were all back sans liuxing.
there's this weird feeling now which i cant quite put a finger to..
it's anything but amorosity.

i'm the only one lagging behind arent i?
i miss contempt dancing.
i'm not great shakes at it and my body isnt moulded for it.
short, muscular limbs.. bah, not meant to be.
but i always loved freestyling.
i used to turn up the beats and just dance~
twirls, jumps, the works.
lyrical and emotional.
contempt isnt about a right or wrong move or style.
there isnt a fixed move for contempt or one that isnt.

well,but i'm "no longer" a contempt dancer.
tail between legs, i bow my head and shut my trap.
what do i know right?

hmmm, a whiff of j.
this is bad.

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