Wednesday, November 21, 2007

one big______________gap.
how come the feeling that i'm not supposed to feel elation has intensified?
was it... what was said?
i've never been so upfront and i guess i never should be again, because...
now, i feel like shiat.

graduation came and went, the whole thing was a whole masquerade of masked feelings.
like... whatever happened to good ol' graduations?
i felt like i was having an assembly session.
BAH, but thank god for empathia, fun was when the formal affair ended.
because it was empathia's PARTAAAAAY TIME when restrictions are gone:D
where are all the pictures, pictures, pictures......?

i'm still confused. was it an obligation? was it there for the sake of being there?
this might be the wrong thing. i think i have talked too much.

left or right?
i miss vin and malan ):

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