Saturday, August 18, 2007

haha.this is quite fun. i had somemore but i'm lazy to put up already. thats even one where i look like leonardo dicarprio when he was a kid and one where i looked like the actor Professor X for Xmen. ooooh, i even have takuya kimura, i'm a potential HUNK!

i own ruihao in being hot as a guy. HE GOT GONG LI.HAHAHAHA.

these days i dont even know if i'm really stressed or i'm being stressed because i'm supposed to be. PRELIMS START THIS FRI. !#!%@%@#!$%@ chem prac somemore. what a way to start out the exam man, total morale douser. i think i'm suffering from some mad ass burnout ): self esteem shit always gets to me even tho i try my best not too. damn. I AM CANT SEEEM TO STUDY WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH ME????!!!!!

up till now, my future still lays undecided before me. take the conventional route of jc? well yea, i guess thats the 'easier ticket' to medical school in a local uni but even if i ace my 'A's, medical school still isnt going to be a spot-on-guarantee. then there's the stress, quote from Mr Ng " if you think o's is stressful, A levels is 10 times as stressful ". like... WHHHUUUUUT?!

i have I MUST BE NO.1 CHAO MUGGER as my pencil case design, it is BIGASS. it is meant to be a reminder but i'm more like NO.1 PROCRASTINATOR. sigh :( i confess, i dont get things done on time, i tell myself i have to do but in the end i just while my time away with some other crap. and at the end of the day. WHOOOpeeeDO. i waste a whole day-godforsaken slipshod attitude. HOW AM I GOING TO SURVIVE JC LIKE THAT?! especially when jcs are abound with all the 'silent mugger'. in front of you its all happybangpartyanimal, behind locked doors and this total contentdigestingmegamachine appears. i'll be totally at the losing at, because i'll be the happybangpartyanimal in school (if i get influenced, that is) and behind doors i'll be this sitinfrontofbookandstone person. in conclusion, MATI LAH.

worst of all, JC is a one-hit-KO kinda thing. you either make it or break it at that one chance. But JC got uniform and the uniform rules are lax! (dumb but relevant reason) and JC has a plethora of activities, school spirit seems stronger....blah blah.

or maybe i should take the gamble and go poly. ANOTHER HEADACHE MAN. sp of tp? if i choose poly, i'll have to pick my choice already : aesthetics doctor or vet? aesthetics i go sp, vet i go tp. -__- ZzzZZzzZZZzzZ but honestly , like reaaaaally honestly speaking, i think i'll be happier as a vet. its just whether i DARE to delve into unknown waters or not. because, sg has no vet course and if i dont get the scholarship from AVA to another country. I"M SCREWED. why? because i wasnt blessed with being born with a silverspoon in my mouth. sigh worst come to worst, i'll borrow money from everybody i see and live on bread for the rest of my life. CLASSIC.


GAH. i might as well migrate to perth and be:
1) burger flipper -SGD18 per hour mind you.
2) gardener - one month SGD6000 plus. thats like more than 3 times my mum's pay
3) WORLD CUP REFEREEE. WHOOOO! - one match SGD24000!
supposing i'm so darn good i get to referee like 4 matches (?) then the rest of the time i scrimp+save+take odd job= i think life can be quite comfortable.

anyways, here's a poem i wrote in SEC2 for MR DAVAMONI's poem's not your average chimological,bombastic word-ed, metaphorladen classic poetry though.

oh crap,
school's here again.
and so are my sandwiches in plastic wrap
and attempt to fight weight gain (just for the sake of writing, not true!)
Oh! But its a pain.
The bus is here
The journey aint very near.
I build castles in the air,
play around with my hair...( HAHA SOUNDS BIMBOTIC )
alas! that familiar building
going through some serious upgrading.
I hop off the bus
and get engulfed by dust;
its the construction going on..
everyone's half awake,
constantly complaining, "its too short a break!"
lessons are such a bore,
all i do is snigger about what the teacher wore.
i had an urge to say,
"teacher! pink and green together looks GAY!"
she walks out and in he hops,
how he has such energy i know not.
but it aint infectious
and i start to nod... ...
OWWWW.what a prod!
the whole class laughs,
i turn bright red.
gosh, i wished i was dead.
bell rings and i sigh in relief,
the day passes with a speed i could hardly believe.
my crush approachs,
and suddenly i feel as small as a cockroach.
"you looked cute while snoozing," he said.
once again, i turn bright red.
He walked off and i grinned to the wall,
first day aint that bad afterall.


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