Saturday, July 21, 2007

My BEST birthday ever :D
thanks everyone!

cheesecake over load.sakae+girltalk ;) dedication.disruption of lesson with happy birthday song.spade._. + pooh bear.pong piah.wallet.cardscards many cards!.coldstorage+ntuc voucher.coldstorage toys.testtube.bear.goodluckcharm. most importantly, GREAT COMPANY!!!

sigh, you guys make my day (:
really really did.

i wish o levels would never come and we could just be a class forever. cos you guys
are really really the best class i've ever had. cross my heart and hope to die if i'm lying :)

yesterday, i learnt that its time to try some self love. and that i had been screwing up my self all these while ): and i thought i was okay.

time to learn to embrace myself more.
haha ah mu knows my plan! and hanging out with empathians are really stress free (: and no zibei gan. YAY

ROCCCKKKSSSSSSSS. our class collage. sure we are like 3 weeks late. HAHAHA. typical. we study hard play hard but when it comes to admin stuff we slack like siao. just like how we made a notice board that cannot be updated at all. :D igenious!

not final yet. but still, two thumbs up! thanks karjin!

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