Saturday, May 12, 2007

saturday morning cip was pretty fun i must say.
i got a shock when the dog in the house barked while i was slipping the flyer under the closed door. was pretty funny cos chee siang got a shock too and after i half slipped it through and was abt to walk off he was like

" aye cannot! later the dog eat the flyer!" after which he rushed to pull it out and put it at the top grille. damn hilarious ._.

told dyane and she said maybe it was too long- i say i'm just stupid .

it was BRIDGE TO TERABITHIA for the group of us.
i think cheekeong was the only guy who liked the storyline, its nothing much actually but its different, i think thats unique. ah mu said she could hear davin cussing the whole way through.

but the story's really touching, especially the part of the loss. was tearing like crazy and kanglong actually gave me his whole packet of tissue. hurhur, but dyane's with me so no worries of being malu :D

i must say the lead seriously looks like Keira Knightley, just a younger, blonder version. it was really sweet at some parts that totally tugged at my heartstrings and left me with a lil longing. the female lead's pretty and the male lead's handsome, hottie potential man.

i'm a slacker and donut plans yesterday fell out, luckily i took my aunt's advice. was there at like 11, 4 plus when i was on my way back from taka i hopped by AND THE PEOPLE WHO WERE INFONT OF ME JUST GOT TO THE COUNTER. like O.O

taka was so much more worth it. had the mini korean and jap fair which i feel like going to again :D food galore. i bumped into so many people yesterday.i love the seaweed thingy i bought, cooked seaweed soup for dinner with carrots and mushroom and japanese konnyaku. simple but palate satisfying.

that ends the day. i'm still a bit weepy-mopy. how not to?
i am so suay

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