Saturday, May 26, 2007

results are back, and reactions are just like a basket of apples.
everything else is so sweet and wonderful and one spoilt apple just ruins the whole lot.
no prizes for guessing who's my wet blanket,
i'm like some bloody small flame from a matchstick and her words are like H2O from a powerjet hose.
sigh, i don need 'incentives' given half heartedly.
to put it crudely, i'm not a poulet
-do a good job and be rewarded all too well, miss meeting the standard and have money given like its an obligation.
i come back, try and act as normal as possible, try to be as pleasing as possible.
and all i get is shit.
maybe i've been reading too much fruits basket,
but somehow i feel like yuki, facing akito. i don even know if its love or hate. but i know fear is evident.

maybe if i had hadn't been so careless,
maybe if i had worked even harder,
maybe if i was smarter,
then maybe it would have been a 1 or 2 and not a 3?

i wish today could last forever,
so that tuesday would never come
and i can finally be home forever.
i am pathetic.

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