Friday, April 20, 2007

today was a fairly bad day for me.
for one there was Amath which i hate cos i don get a crap out of the lessons.
then there was someone acting totally &%^$@#^$^, as always, how can one person act so differently when there are others around and when there arent?
i think my face was like thunder lah. HAHAHHAHA

i'm officially out of the turn.
i cant say it didnt upset me, cos i tried super hard but i guess its better this way.
there's no way i'm gonna let my stupid leg jeopardize our chances.
it felt pretty horrible just now when deng lao shi was asking me to try out, could feel my face burn, must have looked pretty dumb desperately trying to kick my leg up. screw pulled hamstrings. they suck ):

then there was my shoes going missing causing me to freak out and have to dance barefooted with my pants rolled up to my knees. luckily it was just blur grace who took my shoes and left her own somewhere near her bag cos i almost got a heartattack.

and now it is long hair no more. my hair's cropped up to a lil below my shoulders- all for dance! it was pretty exciting having a free hair cut in the dance studio, i shall post pictures after yuting sends them to me.

its is officially 3 more days to syf.
then it'll be time to step down.
time is passing way way way too fast.

after syf, my days are gonna be so empty.
i'll suddenly have free tuesdays and fridays.
no more lugging around my shoe bag stuffed with my dance apparel, a whole lot of ointment, plasters and what not.
i'll miss complaining of stupid dance trainings at 3 on sat afternoons.
i'll miss the beautiful studio.
i'll miss walking around the school barefooted.
i'll miss trying new stunts.
i'll just miss dance. period.

the talk mdm kee gave us today was so damn touching and it was so sweet of her and everything, i couldn help it, my tear tap turned on.

"ni men tiao wu tiao de kuai le ma?"
" lao shi, wo men tiao de fei chang kuai le. "

gold with honours dear dancers, aim high(: denglaoshi's got faith in us.

once again, when?

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