Friday, September 01, 2006

So the day went from good then bad then good. Why is it that trouble always comes knocking on my door? I try to be nice then I get screwed up! x.x

I better try to enjoy this weekend, next week is like mad for me. Showtime,dance,remedial,showtime,dance,remedial,showtime…..
4 days of dance, 4 days of showtime and remedials stuck in between
Worse of all, they all clash. @#%!*
But its the last lap for us (: we’re gonna go all the way!

Aaaah, Im so missing last Sundays dance recital. So I screwed up the ending ( which I hope Michael cuts out from the vieo ) , but I still had such a great time with them :) looking forward to Friday nights even more than I used to. It was more of the pre and post performance time that really rocked, the can can dance, all the photos taken and the talks we had as a crew. It really bonded us:D crew is going out next Friday! Cant wait!

It seems like the more you are waiting for something to come, the faster it comes and goes. Leaving you there wanting for more. thats how Sharon and I feel abt our dance performance, we were waiting so long for it and in 4 minutes, it was all over.

The trip back to east view was awesome (: I got back something I was searching and waiting for for the past few months. Cant believe I spent like so many months avoiding, I am so lag. people move on easy, one thing I definitely suck at. But, everything is back to how it used to be ! Im really really glad about it. (: had a nice nice talk with ms lim and the rest of them 6.1 ppl.

It felt a little strange I must say, something is just missing from east view. Maybe its that close family feeling that is gone. I dont know how to explain it either. Yu ning was so hilarious lah, and ms lim is 5mths pregnant! She is only 30 and I think thats like way cool :D all the nice memories come flooding back….

Only three quarter of barefoot dancers were present yesterday, liuxing was making visa so that she can go visit thai mango during the dec hols and xiao jun had performance. So it was just jade, Sharon , wei ing and me. TAKE FOOD SPREE! the usual old fashion donut, coffee macaroon and Japanese redbean pancake. :D

Then LOVE WRECKED> I think the show was awesome :D hilarious and yet charmingly sweet. Amanda bynes is a great actress (: so love her shows! The 4 of us were going gaga over ryan haha, too bad , in reality, I doubt such a sweet guy whom would wait for a girl that long exists..

First neoprint taken with Sharon! I must say, they turned out quite nice :D though the machine is a little crappy, rather little time. Must take neoprint with BLC this coming fri :D

Lessons were fun as usual (: with A LOT of newcomers, but whether or not theyre gonna stay thats another thing. As long as BLC stays , Im content :D we gave Michael his card, I bet he is pretty touched ! things are just getting more and more fun. It was after that that the suckiness started. ARGH, cant believe Ill actually get caught in this type of situation. I felt so horrible and very very very very suay also -____- Ill die without dyane, if not for her help, Ill have absolutely no idea what to do.

But things took a good turn at least (: had a nice looooooooong talk with brian over the phone. Which we ended because I was bout to start talking nonsense.Who would have thought kindergarten mates would still keep in contact and remain such good friends? Its nice to have someone who is like minded to talk to, to the least you dont have to kill yourself trying to explain your feelings. Wahha.

Thats about it. Im just hoping my day would go by peacefully :D and hope dance king’s much better now. Our mascot should really change his sleeping habits.

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